Iceland is a melting pot of creativity when it comes to music. Here are some examples.

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    • Bistro Boy – Journey


      On Journey Bistro Boy takes the listener on a travel around the world collecting sounds and samples that become a part of a story stretching from one place to another. Bistro Boy welcomes guest singer Gisli Magna (Frozen thoughts) and guitarist Börkur Birgisson (Summer vibes) as well as a group of Masai women singing for a traveler far away from home (Border crossing).

    • Bistro Boy – Svartir sandar


      Svartir sandar (Black sands) is Bistro Boy´s second LP and his fifth Möller Records release.
      The album contains 10 tracks.
      Guest appearnce by Marty Byrne (Here We All Are) and Edward F. Butler (Memories).
      Downtempo & chill-out electronica with a little vocal twist.

    • Bistro Boy & Nobuto Suda – Rivers and Poems


      Rivers and Poems is a collaboration work between Japanese ambient/drone musician Nobuto Suda and the Icelandic Bistro Boy. Drums and melodies layered on top of dramatic soundscape, merging into poems of sound, floating in space like a river.

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